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Common name: Oyster Plant

Botanic name: Acanthus mollis

Description: An evergreen, soft wooded perennial which grows in an upright clump to about 1 metre x 1 metre (3’x3'). The dark green, glossy leaves are lobed and toothed. Purple and white flowers appear on tall, erect spikes from November to January.

Best climate: Acanthus will grow in most areas of Australia, except for inland zones.

Best look: foliage plant planted in shady areas or under deciduous trees container or indoor plant cut or dried flower arrangements

Good points: dramatic and long lasting spires of purple and white flowers grows in sun or shade handsome, deeply cut dark green leaves almost indestructible

Downside: The leaves are very attractive to slugs, snails and leaf-eating insects. The explosive pods scatter seed over a wide area and the plant will grow from any piece of root, so acanthus can become a garden pest.

Care: Acanthus can be grown in sun or part shade, and prefers a deep, moist soil. Mulch well, and never allow the plant to dry out. Snail bait is necessary, particularly in wet weather. Remove dead leaves and spent flower stems.
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