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This beautiful plant originates from arid deserts around the globe. Adenium obesum are more commonly known as the Desert Rose, and belong to the succulent family. 'Obesum' in Latin means 'fat, vulgar', a rather appropriate yet blunt way to describe the swollen trunk and root structure of this plant, used for storing water and giving this Adenium Obesum and excellent tolerance to drought. Adenium obesum produces some of the finest flowers of all succulents which bloom in plenty throughout the seasons. Adenium obesum is a popular choice for bonsai, as they are able to be shaped and will grow in a small container. They also make an exciting feature plant. This plant thrives in full sun to part shade areas, in a position protected from frost. Adenium obesum will tolerate drought and extremely hot temperatures. This plant requires minimal water. Water only when the soil is dry. Slow release fertiliser can be used over the warmer months. Adenium obesum can grow to a height of 1.5 metres with a width of 1 metre in optimal conditions.
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