Agapanthus Baby Pete [Sz:140MM]

Agapanthus Baby Pete

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Agapanthus 'Baby Pete' is a dwarf compact form that produces an attractive display of blue to purple flowers, sitting high on top of the foliage. This particular variety blooms weeks earlier than other Agapanthus varieties, producing brilliant colour for longer. Agapanthus Baby Pete is also sterile and is breed to not produce fertile seed. This plant is suited for an abundance of uses; some include containers, mass plantings, edging for paths or driveways. Agapanthus 'Baby Pete' is easy to grow in most soil types that are well draining, with exposure to full sun. Agapanthus Baby Pete has low water requirements and has proven to be quite drought tolerant, only needing watering during hotter periods. A slow release fertiliser can be used in spring. Pruning is unnecessary; however removal of dead flower stems will encourage further flushes. Agapanthus Baby Pete will grow to a height of 20cm with a width of 40cm. Flowers can be 35cm high.
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