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Alstroemeria Feline, also known as Princess Lilies, are much tougher than their look suggests. Growing to just 25-30cm tall, these plants produce attractive masses of lush, tropical foliage and cover themselves with blooms of stunning cerise pink petals with yellow highlights from spring through autumn. Intricately marked Alstroemeria blooms are described as having contrasting “whiskers”, “lashes” and “freckles” along with rouged or flushed “cheeks”. Drought hardy and light frost tolerant they flower prolifically for up to nine months of the year. The long lasting cut flowers are ideal for floral bouquets, lasting a full two weeks in a vase. Alstroemeria prefer a full sun to part shade position in well drained soils. Suitable for large pots or containers garden beds and borders. Alstroemeria provide a lot of charm for such a small package! Alstroemeria blooms are highly attractive to butterflies. Preferring, but not limited to, morning sun and afternoon shade, they look their very best and produce the most blooms over the season. Water regularly when growing. Fertilize with a well composted manure. Removing spent flower spikes/foliage to ground level will promote fresh growth. Long flowering season and easy care makes Princess Lilies make a stunning garden or pot plant.
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