Artichoke Globe

Artichoke Globe

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The Globe Artichoke has a tuberous root, but it is the large flower-buds that form the edible portion of the plant. The expanded flower has much of a resemblance to a large thistle- the corollas are of a rich blue colour.

Growing Tips
The Artichoke is hardy on dry soils in winters of only average severity. But on moist soils – so favourable to fine heads – a severe winter will kill the plantations unless they have some kind of protection. This is usually ensured by cutting down the stems and large leaves without touching the smaller central leaves and when severe frost threatens, to partially earth up the rows with soil taken from between, also adding dry, light litter loosely thrown over; the latter is removed in the spring and the earth dug back and a liberal supply of manure dug in. At the end of five years a plantation is worn out; the best method being to sow a bed annually and allow it to stand for two years.

Artichoke is a vegetable that can be eaten on its own or used as a healthy addition to the various savoury dishes. Artichoke is a well-liked ingredient in numerous appetisers, vegetable and meat side dishes as well as in several sauces and dips. Artichoke dishes are mildly nutty-flavoured due to the edible leaves of the vegetable. Usually, the ‘heart’ of the artichoke is added to all artichoke dishes. The main purpose of artichoke is to enhance the flavour of artichoke recipes. Boiled artichokes are a suitable choice for appetisers eaten with mayonnaise of butter based dips. Artichoke hearts are and integral part of the various Italian pizza recipes. Many baked artichoke dishes are quite popular in international cuisines. Tortilla and various rice dishes are also fondly cooked with sautéed artichokes. In various cuisines, artichoke is used as one of the ingredients in making ‘herbal tea’ due to the fact that artichoke has some healing powers. Artichoke recipes also include liquors that are flavored with this magical vegetable.

Herb Attributes
Harvest Harvest the spring ripened hearts.
Position Sun to Part Sun; Plant 90cm apart
Lifespan Perennial
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