Asplenium (Bird Nest Fern) [Sz:130MM]

Asplenium (Bird Nest Fern)

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Asplenium Bird's Nest Fern Evergreen Plant Type: Low Ground Cover Plant Habit: Clumping Mature Height: 60cm-1m Mature Width: 1m Position: Semi-Shade Full Shade Soil Type: Well Drained Description: The birds nest fern, is an epiphytic fern that sends out large fronds from a central point, making a lovely nest shaped plant. Once established, they can grow quite large, making a dramatic statement for a shaded or semi shaded position. They can grow in trees, on rocks, or can grow in a well drained but moist soil. They also make good container plants. Birds nest ferns need a shaded to half shaded position, as full sun will burn the fronds. Asplenium australasicum can withstand some frost. They can be fed with a half strength liquid fertiliser through the warmer months. Plant Uses: Feature plant Attractive foliage Bog gardens Pipe and drain friendly Playground friendly
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