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Plentiful, ravishing red flowers. Dragon Wing Begonias will grow in sun or shade, flowering prolifically in both. The flowers last and last too - they are sterile so continue to bloom in the vain hope of pollination, giving you a colourful show from late spring to frost.

Dragon Wing Begonias are cane varieties with lush, dark green, glossy leaves blushed with mahogany.

You can grow Dragon Wing Begonias in gardens, pots or hanging baskets. They make a great feature on a patios or front stoops - or even indoor plants. In the garden try using them as edging plants along drives or at the front of beds.

In gardens they are half hardy so should be protected from frosts. Plant in humus rich, moist, well drained soil. Water in and keep moist during active growth for best flowering. Adding some fertiliser in summer will enhance bloom time. Heat and humidity are not a problem for Dragon Wing Begonias.

In pots use a good quality potting mix. Add diluted liquid fertiliser late spring and summer.
While Dragon Wing Begonias are very sun tolerant it is best to offer them some respite from the hot afternoon sun, especially in warm climates as it will scorch the leaves. In sun you will need to be prepared to water more often. The tubers will need to be lifted, or planted in pots in cold climates.

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