Buxus microphylla var . koreana [Sz:140MM]

Buxus microphylla var . koreana

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Buxus microphylla var. koreana is a very sturdy evergreen shrub that makes a great dense screen or hedge, or can be cut to shape.

This is a compact variety with shiny light green foliage that tends to lighten in the full sun. The flowers are largely inconspicuous.

This is a hardy plant - it will grow in full sun and part shade, it will tolerate dry conditions and frost. Although it tolerates dry conditions it will grow much denser in moist rich soils. It is easy to prune and maintains shape well so a great option of topiary or low hedges.

Soil: Almost any soil type but prefers humus rich loam.

Maintenance: A good feed once a year with a balanced, slow release fertiliser will be beneficial.

Pruning is only neccessary if you want it to be neat, in which case you can do it often - otherwise it will grow well to make a good low screen.
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