Capsicum Sweet Pimento

Capsicum Sweet Pimento

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(Capsicum Annum ‘Pimento’)
A hardy annual and prolific fruiting, sweet pepper. A strong compact shrub with ample late summer/autumn sweet tasting fruit that is medium sized with a crisp texture.

Growing Tips
Prefers full sun, but will tolerate partial shade. Plant in well-drained soil. Protect from wind, staking helps. After flowering and fruit-setting, fertilise with Seasol or Powerfeed. All capsicums make an excellent container plant, although they may need support if they produce a heavy crop of fruit.

Capsicums are a versatile vegetable that are great raw in salads, sandwiches and with dips. Alternatively lightly fry in stir fries and Asian dishes, or slow bake with meat and other vegetables in European style cooking. Place whole Capsicums on griller tray or grill plate, then grill, turn frequently using tongs, until skin on all sides has plenty of black scorched patches. Using tongs, place blackened capsicums in a plastic or brown paper bag, then seal and leave to cool completely. Cafefully peel away skins and place in compost bin. Slice off tops and scoop seeds into compost bin.
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