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(Salvia Hispanica (Salvia Rhyacophila))
A bushy annual or biennial herb with large, bright green, edible leaves and spikes of blue flowers which are followed by masses of small, mottled, oval seeds.

Growing Tips
Chia plants can be grown in a wide range of climates as long they are planted in full sun after any danger of frost has passed and the soil is very well drained.

The whole seeds can be eaten just as they are, sprinkled on cereal or salads, or placed in water or juice and allowed to swell up before drinking. They can also be ground-up and mixed with flour to make cakes and bread, or cooked in with stews. Leaves and tender young shoots can be used in teas or salads. The seeds have a sweet nutty flavour and contain up to 35% oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids, 20% protein, 25% fibre and anti-oxidants.
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