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Clematis 'Southern Star'

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Clematis Southern Stars is a beautiful Australian native ground-cover or climber which will form a dense mat and bears glorious, creamy white, slightly fragrant flowers which appear over summer and will transform your garden. The leaves are oval in shape and up to 75mm long, while the flowers are star-like with four pointed slender petals and measuring 30-70mm in diameter. This lovely Clematis is a vigorous grower but will not invade your garden, and benefits from a hard prune from time to time. Once established it has a very low water requirement, preferring to be planted in the full sun in a dry open area, but you can also plant in the partial shade. Plant in well-draining soils. Fertilizing annually with a long term fertiliser is very beneficial. Perfect for rockeries and borders or cascading over the sides of a tall large tub or sloping banks. Also would do well in hanging baskets. Not salt tolerant.
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