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The Crinum 'Purple Dream' can be grown for the foliage alone! The deep purple strappy leaves can turn nearly black when grown in full-sun. And then there is the flower! These are typical 'spider flower' shaped, 10-15cm across, fragrant, and pink in colour. This is a dwarf-sized Crinum and it grows in an upright clump with the flower stems arising 40-50cm above the bulbs. 'Purple Dream' performs best in full sun but will be fine in partial shade although this may reduce flowering. This lovely Crinum is also quite hardy and will do well in many situations including those boggy-wet areas. It will also tolerate many soil types and can do particularly well in sandy areas. 'Purple Dream' appreciates water but can withstand dry periods but will do better with the occasional water. No special fertilizing requirements although a balanced fertilizer occasionally is suggested. There is no pruning required except to trim off the older untidy leaves.
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