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Cymbidium orchids are hardy plants. They like temperatures in the 20' s, humidity of about 50% will tolerate full sun throughout the year, but it is best to find a position where they will receive 50% shade in summer. Watering will depend on the type of potting mix used, position of orchid and atmospheric conditions, temperature and humidity. In winter, once or twice a week is sufficient in the morning. In summer, water daily at night. The night time watering is to reduce temperature. The drop in temperature helps in the initiation of flower spikes. In heat wave conditions watering may have to be done twice a day. When watering thoroughly saturate the potting mix. Stop when water comes out of the bottom of the pot.
Flower spikes can be supported using a bamboo stake, Spikes appear at the base of new growths during February to April, Orchids in flower can be taken inside, Water the plant once a week.
Best time to repotting and splitting is after flowering late spring and usually this should be every two years.
Fertilzing add slow release fertilizers to the potting mix. These include Nutricote and Magamp at a concentration of two tablespoons to a two gallon bucket of potting mix. If you want to liquid fertilize use half strenght Aquasol fortnightly during the warmer months of the year.

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