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eleven wicks 'First Love' Soy Candle 300ml

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Keep Cup + Candle


Plum Merlot, Juicy Blackberry, Sparkling Citrus
Velvet Fig, Apricot, Apple Blossom, Osmanthus
Sandalwood, Creamy Musk, Vanilla

“In its moment the flow, not knowing where the destination is, only of a journey that exists…”

Inspired by recollections of soulful moments falling in love for the first time, your eyes meet and your breaths catch, your skins tingle and your hearts race as time stands still and there is nothing but the two of you: you become addicts to romantic love for the first time. First love is unforgettable: an unchartered adventure into an undiscovered world. Its memory lasts a lifetime if its journey does not, but it doesn't mean it wasn't worth your while.

The delicate petals and velvety colours of the peach blossoms on this Keep Cup Candle symbolize the naturally sweet blooms of love and its captivating charm whilst the ambrosial, alluring fragrance of Blackberry Fig titillates the senses and keeps drawing you back for more juicy blackberry, velvet fig and sandalwood scents.

We wish for you to have a most memorable experience with your scented soy candle from elevenwicks. Our First Love Keep Cup Candle from the An Ode To Nic Collection has been locally sourced and created using premium soy blend wax, an all fibre wick and high-quality fragrances. The vessel features a double-walled metal painted exterior, and come with a plastic sip lid, ideal for reuse for hot or cold beverages - a great way of recycling your candle.

Made in Perth
Western Australia
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