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eleven wicks 'Milky Way' Soy Candle 300ml

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Keep Cup + Candle


Raspberry, Strawberry
Jasmine, Banana
Vanilla, Tonka Bean

“A soft, warm glow consumes the room and draws me in, just as you did, as if I am the Night Sky and you are the Milky Way…”

Inspired by recollections of soulful moments spent under the morning star, that ethereal time between night and dawn when the glow of the Milky Way is most visible in the sky, until the sun's rays spill over the hills and illuminate the night sky as we stand together on the tarmac... with this candle, you light up my life once more.

Pastel shades of the blue, pink and white colours of the Milky Way swirl around millions of old and new stars on this Keep Cup Candle, symbolic of the breathtaking magic that cradles us always whilst the sweet and juicy scent of Bubblegum brings to mind nostalgic memories of your smile, ringing laughter, playful antics...

We wish for you to have a most memorable experience with your scented soy candle from elevenwicks. Our Milky Way Keep Cup Candle from the An Ode To Nic Collection has been locally sourced and created using premium soy blend wax, an all-natural wooden wick and high-quality fragrance. The vessel features a double-walled metal painted exterior, and comes with a plastic sip lid, ideal for reuse for hot or cold beverages - a great way of recycling your candle.

Made in Perth
Western Australia
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