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Featuring large heart shaped leaves Ficus umbellata (Ficus umbellata) is sometimes known as Umbrella Fig. Native to Western Africa, this small to medium sized tree likes a warm position with bright indirect light, and can cope with a few morning hours of direct sunlight in cooler climates.

Ficus grows well in a warmer sheltered position insode or outside, but protection from the scorching sun is required as the foliage will burn if left in the scorching sun.

Reasonably drought tolerant, Ficus will cope with irregular watering and will appreciate a good drenching in the shower every few weeks during the warmer months. Do not let the plant become waterlogged as this will cause fungal issues and most likely death, particularly during Winter. For best results fertilise regularly with a slow release fertiliser and repot every few years using a good quality potting mix for indoor plants.
In warmer climates, these gorgeous plants will brighten up a sheltered shady position outside.
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