Geranium Citrosa

Geranium Citrosa

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Pelargonium citrosa, or citrosa geraniums, actually have little citronella in them. Just sitting in a pot, they don’t repel mosquitoes. But if you brush against them, they release a sharp, citrusy odor that is unpleasant to bugs.

Growing Tips
Put your Geranium Citrosa plants in spots where they can spread out. They can grow to be three feet tall and wide and love hot, dry places. They’ll tolerate full sun and light shade, so they’re handy to have for those places that nothing will grow.

The oil of the mosquito plant will repel mosquitoes in your back yard (but not too well in the deep woods). Crush some leaves and rub on your skin or crush leaves and soak overnight in some rubbing alcohol. Use the infused product like mosquito spray.

Herb Attributes
Harvest Harvest when needed.
Position Part to Full Sun
Height 70cm
Width 1m
Lifespan Perennial
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