Monstera Shaped Green Plant Traps 10 Pack

Monstera Shaped Green Plant Traps 10 Pack

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Possibly THE most annoying indoor plant pest is the Fungus Gnat. You know, those annoying little flies that linger around through the warmer months? Them. Like little fruit flies, they are most prominent through the warmer months, but can live in our homes year round. SO, with that in mind, we have sourced THE BEST discrete plant traps that work to keep them under control, and eventually eliminated!

This kit controls adult fungus gnats in home gardens.

Featuring green, functional, aesthetic traps supported by wooden stakes to fit into every potted plant, discretely! Attracted to the green pigment, the traps will draw in the pests in and adhere them to the sticky round disk.

Control Fungus Gnats, Thrips, Aphids, White Flies and Fruit Flies.


Waterproof Green Stealth Traps
Biodegradable Wooden Support Sticks
Traps are 5cm across, and Wooden Sticks are 10cm long.
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