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Often called Johnny-jump-ups, as this annual plant disperses seed around the area where it is growing and seedlings jump up readily. With its oval leaves and wavy, toothed margins, it is rather insignificant until it starts to flower. It then looks like a miniature pansy, with petite petals in purple, yellow and white.

Growing Tips
It is an ideal and attractive flowering plant for small pots.

The dainty flowers make an attractive, edible garnish on salads and sweets dishes. Leaves and flowers were traditionally used for strengthening the heart and nerves, and to stimulate the metabolism. Heartsease is also used for exhaustion, constipation, fluid retention, colds, asthma, weak capillaries, rheumatism, skin diseases and for purifying blood.

Herb Attributes
Harvest Pinking flowers regularly, is beneficial to the plant, as more flowers will keep coming continually and the life of this annual will be extended.
Position Part to Full Sun
Height 20cm
Lifespan Annual
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