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Juncus effusus spiralis also known as Corkscrew Rush or crazy hair plant will add personality to any garden! This unusual plant has tightly wound spiral foliage, producing tiny cream flowers throughout the year. They do great alongside a pond or can even be grown in shallow water. This quirky little plant is also great indoors in a sunny position. But be sure to keep the soil wet to keep your Juncus healthy.

Quick Facts:

What to use me for: Great for beside a pond or as a quirky indoor plant
I grow to: 50-80cm high, 60cm wide
Where to place me: Full sun to part shade. Place your Juncus by your sunniest window, allow some time outside. I can tolerate lower light levels however i won't grow much

How far to space me: 60cm apart

Watering conditions: Loves having moist soil - The perfect plant for those who tend to overwater their plant babies. Water generously, you can even leave me in standing water.
Soil Conditions: A peat moss based soil is ideal to help retain moisture.
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