Mint Mojito, Mint Cuban

Mint Mojito, Mint Cuban

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A common garden herb with a delightful citrus, spearmint flavour. This is reputed to be THE mint used in the classic Cuban Mojito (pronounced Moheeto). It is a natural cross between M. spicata and M.suaveolens with the Cuban name of Yerba Buena (which is literally “Good Herb”).

Flavours/Food Partners
Partners well with other mints, lime juice, scented geraniums and lemon verbena for teas, cocktails and sweet dishes. Use in any drink or sauce that requires a mint-citrus flavour.

Mojito is a classic drink from Cuba and other parts of Central America and the Caribbean. Its origins go back to the 16th century in Havana. Mash 6 sprigs of mint with the sugar cane juice (or raw sugar) and 30ml lime juice. Fill glass with ice and add a splash of soda then 40 ml of white rum, top with more soda and garnish with mint leaves.

Mints require open soil with summer moisture. Given these conditions they can run away so should be planted where this is desired or in large pots.

Regular applications of Seasol and Power Feed will keep it looking its best. Cut back annually to keep under control.

Herb Attributes
Height 100CM
Width 80CM
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