Olea Swan Hill Olive Tree [Sz:30LT]
Olea Swan Hill Olive Tree [Sz:300LT]
Olea Swan Hill Olive Tree [Sz:200LT]

Olea Swan Hill Olive Tree

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Add a Tuscan, Mediterranean vibe to your garden by planting an olive tree such as Swan Hill. A long-lived, ornamental variety providing colour and contrast to any garden year round, with the added benefit of being a mostly sterile, low to no fruit variety, makes it ideal for streetscapes as there isn't the problem of fruit dropping on pathways. Swan Hill is smaller growing than other varieties and is considered a slow grower, if left unpruned can grow as tall as it is wide. An ideal addition to garden and landscapes as attractive specimen, street or shade trees, also look great in groups or groves. They can also be used as a medium sized hedge, espalier or in large containers. Swan Hill is relatively low maintenance, grows well in a sunny to partly shaded position, with well draining soil. Preferring a cool winter, with dry summers and low humidity, keep moist during hot, dry periods and mulch to retain moisture. Olea Swan Hill can grow to a height of 6 metres and a width of 3 metres.
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