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Perhaps the most popular and famous pickling variety. Originates from the Kalamata region in southern Greece. Grows to a medium sized tree. Leaves are larger than most other Olives. Kalamata fruit has a characteristic slight curve near the base. Kalamata fruit is traditionally picked when fully mature and purple/black in colour, and used to make black pickled olives.

The Olive is an ancient, Mediterranean tree, well suited to growing in much of WA, except the tropical north. Olive trees are very hardy and long lived once established. Most Olives tend to biennial bear, meaning they to have a big crop one year and then a much lesser crop the following.

Olives tree are incredibly malleable, the respond well to pruning, even severe pruning at times. With pruning most varieties can be kept to around 3-4m high and wide. Aim to keep trees fairly open in the middle to allow good air flow and light penetration. The trees thrive in virtually any, sunny position. Feed trees in spring and autumn with a quality all purpose fertiliser or specialist fruit fertiliser.
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