Sage Golden Pineapple

Sage Golden Pineapple

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n upright shrub with a sweet pineapple flavour and attractive carmine red flowers contrasting with golden green foliage.

Flavours/Food Partners
Viola, Sage, Dianthus and Nasturtium flowers as garnishes or lemon balm, verbena lime, Chocolate mint and scented geraniums for teas, sauces and salads.

The delicate flavour of this herb means it needs to be added late in the cooking or used as an edible garnish. As a tea it should be brewed for 3-4 minutes. Like most Sage based herbal teas this will aid relaxation and give a lift in the afternoon.

Unlike many other Salvia this plant likes regular moisture, especially during the summer months and will grow in low light to full sun with best foliage colour in moderate sun. The flowers occur from mid spring to late autumn and the bush should be given a hard prune after flowering.

Regular applications of Seasol and PowerFeed will keep the plants healthy and growing well.

Herb Attributes
Height 80CM
Width 70CM
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