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Salix babylonica will create an oasis of summertime shade from those hot Australian summers. The fine dense and lush foliage creates an inviting haven perfect for those summer picnics where you can shelter under the graceful cascading canopy created by the long pendulous branches that sweep to the ground and sway in the breeze. Salix babylonica is deciduous and typically one of the first trees to get it’s leaves in spring and one of the last to drop the beautiful yellow autumn colour. The configuration of the branches on the Weeping Willow make them easy to climb, and are much loved by children, providing an enclosed space off the ground. Willows like standing in water so if you have poor drainage this would be ideal and will clear up those troublesome spots in a garden prone to holding water. They do have aggressive roots, and should be planted with care away from underground pipes and buildings. The leaves can also provide a good reserve of feed for stock when pastures are dry and hold watercourse banks firm as well as providing shelter. This is a fast growing tree that will reach to 10-12m tall. Salix babylonica has a good tolerance of relatively dry conditions, but performs best when supplied with adequate moisture in a position receiving full sun. Will grow well in cool temperate to sub-tropical conditions. Transplants easily.
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