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Sansevieria 'Moonshine' 255mm

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A rarer but well appreciated variety of all the Snake Plants, this species is known for and earns its name from its leaves. Its broad, upright leaves sport an elegant, silvery-green color giving it a moonlit look. Thus earning itself common names such as Silver Moonshine, Moonlight Snake Plant, or Sansevieria Moonshine.

Don’t misjudge this succulent by its name or appearance. Even though it is beautiful and elegant, it is equally tough and hardy. The Silver Moonshine is super low-maintenance and known to thrive on its own.

The Sansevieria Moonshine requires little care to thrive. Bright, indirect light will have your plant sporting the most beautiful, silver-green leaves. Soil that is free-draining is a must. Keeping water to a minimum, only when the soil has dried out, is the best way to avoid root rot. Silver Moonshines prefer warmer temperatures and don’t require any extra humidity. You should only feed your plant once or twice during its growing season.
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