Wheat Grass

Wheat Grass

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An easy to grow herb that has become a popular health drink across the world.

Flavours/Food Partners
Mint, lemon herbs, stevia or any other flavoured herbs, for a range of interesting flavours.

An easy to use herb that is used to make a health drink. It is popular across the world and is available at special outlets in shopping centres. It is reputed to be beneficial for many modern ails. This has yet to be proven but it is full of goodies like vitamins A, C, E & K, Potassium, a range of proteins and Selenium.

This quick growing herb is best grown in a light indoor position. It likes moist media and plenty of light. Cut just above the joint between first and second leaf, a second cut is possible after more growth. A third cut may be possible but will be lower in nutritional value.

Water regularly. An initial application of Seasol and Powerfeed and another after first cut will give quick and strong growth.

Herb Attributes
Height 90CM
Width 10CM
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