White Sage

White Sage

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An attractive large shrub with silvery grey foliage and pale flowers that is suited to very dry, well drained areas.

Flavours/Food Partners
Flavours well with other strong herbs like rosemary, oregano and common sage. Can be used to add flavour to stuffing, sausages and gamey meat. The seeds can be ground to produce a powder which can then be made into a paste and used as a batter, bread or porridge.

Can be added at any stage in the cooking and t can also be used in teas, and cool drinks as an healing tonic. Widely used by Native American and Native Mexican tribes in their natural medicine, religious ceremonies and as a cleansing smoke when made into a smudge stick.

Requires a well drained location in full sun. Looks good in any succulent, desert or xeriscape garden planting especially warm coastal regions.

Cut back any old or dead foliage and apply the recommended dose of Seasol and Powerfeed regularly in summer and early autumn.

Herb Attributes
Height 1.2M
Width 1.3M
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