Zucchini Green n Gold

Zucchini Green n Gold

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This pot contains two colors, deep green (Black Beauty) and deep gold (Golden Yellow). The golden variety has a softer flavour and texture.

Flavours/Food Partners
Zucchinis partner well with tomatoes, eggplant and capsicums. The zucchini flavour is enhanced by herbs like French tarragon, basil sweet and basil Thai, fennel and dill.

Zucchinis are a versatile food that can be eaten raw (harvest at 7cm), steamed or baked. They have a lovely flavour that can add to all food types. Try something different; hollow out and fill with cheese and chives then bake, or chop into medium pieces, then boil for 15 minutes, puree, add favorite herbs and you have refreshing soup. Always harvest zucchinis when young and fresh, never let them get larger than 20cm.

Airy, open position with plenty of sun, avoid overhead watering. Do not separate varieties.

Require regular applications of Seasol and Powerfeed. Deep soaking when needed. No other special treatment required.

Herb Attributes
Height 60CM
Width 1.0M
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